Guests @ Anime Kaigi 2012

The staff of Anime Kaigi is always striving to bring you some of the most popular guests that the anime and video game industry has to offer. Here is a list of the guests we have confirmed:

Todd Haberkorn

We will be bringing Todd Haberkorn to Anime Kaigi 2012!

Todd Haberkorn is currently a proud member of the Anime community and continues to be its humble servant by way of English dubbing. Haberkorn works primarily in Texas and Los Angeles as an actor, director, producer, and writer.  As far as shows go, catch Todd's voice as lead roles in Sgt. Frog as Keroro, Suzuka as Yamato, Ghost Hunt as Naru, Holic as Wataknuki, D. Gray Man as Allen Walker, Sands of Destruction as Kyrie, Soul Eater as Death the Kid, and some others he can't say right now. Coming up - Todd is the lead role of Natsu, the fire eating, fire wielding wizard from Fairy Tail.

Check out most of the shows listed above on,, and NETFLIX!! And not illegally, please :) Be sure to check out for ways to join this new "korntastic" fan club! A portion of the proceeds goes to supporting the Acadiana Humane Society, a non-profit, no kill animal shelter in Louisiana.

When not in the booth, Todd is a producer with his company, Out of the Office Productions. Todd is represented by The Horne Agency and William Morris Endeavor.

Todd on the web: [Team Haberkorn], [Wikipedia], [IMDb], [MyAnimeList], [], [AnimeNewsNetwork], [Twitter], [Facebook]

Tanglwyst de Holloway

Tanglwyst de Holloway will be joining us at Anime Kaigi 2012!


Tanglwyst de Holloway, aka Tonya Adolfson, teaches panels on everything from making your own patterns to basic armor creation, from character creation to proper flirting. She's been a professional costumer for 22 years and has worked in the costume shops of Southern Utah University and the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Tangl has done wigs, make up, props and movement for the stage, and turned her impressive set of skills to teaching at Society for Creative Anachronism events. She fell in love with Steampunk while doing panels at conventions, and has thrown herself fully into this intriguing genre. Luckily, many of her skills apply very well to the re-imaginative world of Steampunk and she adores the innovation and freedom Steampunk allows.


Tangl’s book, Thine Enemy’s Eyes, is the first novel released by Fantastic Journeys Publishing. As a co-founder, Tangl looks for submissions from other authors, helping them to tune their writing and realize their dreams. “The company is run by authors, for authors, and is small enough to give you individual attention. We welcome submitters and want to learn about your endeavors!


Tangl on the web: [Tangled Webs Online], [], [], [Fantastic Journeys Publishing]

Warky T. Chocobo

Warky T. Chocobo is coming to Anime Kaigi 2012!


Steve Nunez, aka Warky T. Chocobo, grew up playing video games, first on his commodore 64, and eventually at the ripe age of 5, playing Nintendo. Steve remembers popping in Super Mario Brothers, and from the moment that first note played, he was hooked.


Steve wanted to learn to play piano so that he could recreate the melodic tones he heard. Being too poor for piano lessons, Steve taught himself to play the piano without using his thumbs. Since then, he has played and sang many conventions including I-con in New York, Anime Banzai in Utah, Otakon in Maryland & all Animeland Shows.


Steve is also a talented LDS "Mormon" singer and lyricist with his parody group, "They Might Be Elders".


Steve is now breaking into the Voice Acting scene with credits for Video Games, and his latest role as the narrator in the Full Cast Audiobook Series, "Prophecy Of The Flame", by Lynn Hardy.


Warky on the web: [Wikipedia], [YouTube], [Facebook], []